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Corvidae: audience led analytics and attribution

Proprietary, machine learning-based Corvidae delivers the unique-to-market forecasting functionality that underpins all our services

Our Corvidae data insight platform provides best-in-class attribution data at near-live frequency. Its forecasted attribution capability allows proactive multichannel marketing spend adjustments, delivering immediate paid marketing spend performance improvements and ensuring the highest possible overall ROI.

By contrast, existing attribution solutions, including Google’s Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry) and Adobe Analytics, provide only historical attribution insight and are limited by a relatively short lookback window. This prevents accurate conversion path analysis, customer identification, or first-touch marketing insight.

A scalable cloud architecture and a sophisticated, customisable data-cleansing solution means we can process even the largest data firehose, capturing tens of millions of rows of online and offline data daily.

Corvidae outcomes:

  • growth opportunities in underused marketing channels
  • reduced budget wastage (for example, on saturated channels with poor returns on the horizon)
  • identification of a single customer view across all datasets. This is a highly customisable process that supports all data sources and can be tailored to your marketing strategy
  • segmentation down to ‘individual entity’ level, and the entity’s individual path through the data – as well as their predicted future path. No other attribution tool available commercially today can achieve a similar level of granularity
  • insight into each customer’s lifetime value, in addition to accurate marketing channel touchpoints, enriched with demographic and behavioural data from Programmatic channels. (This allows cohort grouping, typically to ‘First Touch’ engagement with brand, enabling prospecting to your most valuable cohorts early in the See, Think, Do, Care conversion path.)
  • attribution strategy refinements, as machine-led media-mix analysis simulation discovers the true drivers of performance in your marketing mix

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