According to a 2015 CMO Survey from Duke University, only 15% of CMOs have been able to prove the impact on their companies’ performance of social media quantitatively. At QueryClick, our social media strategies are measured by only metric that matters: attributed, revenue-driving engagement.

We achieve this through yet more functionality from QC’s in-house-developed technology stack, which enables us to accurately quantify social’s role in initial and continued engagement with high lifetime-value customer cohorts.

We also draw cohort insights from our tech, enabling us to prospect previously undervalued social audiences.

Our strategy for delivering attributed, revenue-driving engagement across social media channels encompasses:

  • social media auditing
  • integrating social media, programmatic and search marketing
  • social reporting

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Examples of Paid & Organic Social Media Marketing

Major UK retailer: QC’s social strategy for a major UK retailer delivered an increase of 121% in attributed social revenue in the first six months, using insights from our proprietary technology to map audience ‘tendency to link’ to target keyphrase sets.

Envirofone: QC delivered a boost of 52% year-on-year incremental revenue on launch by targeting key iPhone launch dates using a variety of reports and insights generated by a suite of sophisticated in-house technology.

Hunter Boots: during its first 12 months with Hunter Boots, QC delivered an impressive 99% incremental increase in generic organic traffic year on year. This represented over 85% of new customers to the business from digital channels that year.

Major high street retailer (UK): QC identified an opportunity to move customer targeting for a major UK High Street retailer to earlier in the customer journey, building generic growth by 169% and, ultimately driving £35.3 million in the UK in cross channel revenues, while also creating a saving of £1.1 million per year and a reduction in the cost of sale by 12%.