Dynamic data analysis drives all our paid search strategies. We apply our unique, proprietary technology to reveal opportunities for CPA efficiency improvements, while building out new customer and audience growth across generic target terms.

We employ a more consultative approach than traditional PPC agencies. Our specialists work on-site with you to enhance strategy, identify opportunities, upskill and expand the influence of paid search within your business.

In 2017, we managed £16.7 million of paid search generic spend at an average ROI of 12.72 (excluding brand activity), driving growth for our clients effectively, at scale.

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QC achieved a reduction in paid cost per booking of 30% and an increase in paid revenue of 19% per month by restructuring Speed Dater’s AdWords account to allow granular location targeting and generic segmentation at scale.

Our re-architecting of Aggreko’s account after conducting a 28 country review allowed QC to prioritise generic growth and drive down inefficient spend: a 59% reduction in CPA, improved conversion rates by 74% for paid traffic, and an overall 382% increase in ROI.

using in-house technology, QC implemented contextual bid automation that delivered a 27% improvement in conversion rates during precipitation and increased paid revenues by 212% across the UK & US.

High street retailer (UK): During Black Friday 2017, QC reduced the cost of sale from an average of 25% to 5.94%, delivering paid search returns of £3.1m revenue at 1,584 ROAS. Ultimately this reduced the investment required to drive this exceptional one-weekend sale performance to £187k.

QC’s multichannel campaign, which used an integrated customer-path bid strategy across SEO & PPC, drove ROI up by 265% and ensured Beerhawk sold completely out of beer.

Our restructuring of M&Co’s account for better target generic growth, agile bid management and dynamic reporting resulted in growth in paid revenue of 34%, and a spend reduction of 26%.

QC’s channelling of mobile search traffic to land on a mobile-optimised page, followed by refinement of keyphrase bid targeting and the building-out of mobile extension optimisation. Conversion rates improved by 13% while paid mobile traffic delivered 16% higher revenues, all while continuing to target new growth generic terms.