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Organic search

Our data-led approach enables us to drive measurable improvements in revenue and profit from organic search. Each strategy is customised to match increased ROI with high new cross-channel customer growth.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is the practice of increasing the amount of quality, relevant traffic to a website via organic searches on search engines. When someone performs a particular search, search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, YouTube) use algorithms to decide which are the best possible results to return for that search term. It is possible to optimise your website towards specific search terms, attracting the right users onto your site.

The results of a successful, ongoing SEO campaign can be lucrative – users land on your website for ‘free’, giving you an ongoing source of new customers and revenue that you aren’t paying for.

To succeed in SEO, your website needs to be technically sound, include high quality, unique content and needs to be ‘trusted’ by search engines, via other quality websites linking to yours.

QueryClick’s Approach

Each aspect of SEO needs to be working harmoniously – That’s why we have specialists in Technical SEO and Content and Digital PR working together to ensure the website is in the best possible position to attract the most relevant users to your website.

By also collaborating with our Conversion Rate Optimisation specialists and gaining invaluable conversion data from our Paid Search specialists, our SEO work means we not only increase traffic to your site, but we specifically and methodically target increased revenues and lead generation.

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Examples of Organic Search (SEO Services)

QC delivered an increase in organic revenue of £65.2 million from drastically improved rankings, having migrated T-Mobile and Orange UK onto the EE platform in 2014/15.

(Tesco): In our first six months with F&F, QC delivered a 75% increase in organic traffic for target kids clothing terms yielding over £6.7 million in organic revenue.

QC’s multichannel strategy drove an increase in organic revenue of 53% in 2017, ultimately as a result of a 138% increase in first page rankings for target generic keyphrases.

QC generated an 87:1 ROI for incremental organic performance over 12 months year-on-year. We continue to support Aggreko across SEO & PPC globally today.

QC work led to a 21% increase in #1 rankings for the top 200 margin products, driving an additional £19.5 million organic revenue year on year within six months of becoming a client.

QC effected a 99% year-on-year increase in generic organic traffic year in the first 12 months, representing over 85% of new customers from digital channels


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