Search engines reward good search experiences: a function of content relevancy to the search term, click-through rate from the SERP for your result compared with the typical CTR for your ranking position, the speed of content delivery, and lack of SERP bounce for searchers once they have clicked through to your site.

We provide bespoke, data-led content marketing strategies which deliver maximum return on investment for our clients as a core component of our enterprise-level search marketing campaigns.

Naturally, these strategies acknowledge Google’s preferential treatment of sites that reward their searchers’ experience – but are also informed and elevated by unique-to-market data from our technology toolkit to provide the highest possible return.

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Content examples:

F&F: as a direct result of our initial SEO strategy insights, F&F benefited from a 75% increase in organic traffic for target kids clothing terms, delivering just over £6.7 million in organic revenue year on year for their first six months with QC.

Temperley London: QC made changes resulting in a 20% increase in organic rankings, and a reduction in first-touch landing page bounce rate by 95%. This drove a 100% improvement in organic revenue year on year through improved generic SERP rankings.

UK retailer: within six months, QC effected a 21% increase in #1 rankings for the top 200 margin products, driving an incremental £19.5 million organic revenue year on year. This retailer remains a client today.