The consequences of inaccurate attribution – of failing to understand the impact of your online and offline marketing activities on your bottom line – include wasted investment, missed opportunities and slower growth. It can even lead to poor decisions that actively harm your business.

Yet widely-used attribution solutions including Google’s Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry) and Adobe Analytics provide only historical attribution insights as standard, or expensive forecasting modules that are limited in accuracy due to short lookback windows, preventing proactive spend adjustment.

Only accurate forecasted attribution enables adjustments to your cross-channel marketing spend to deliver maximum overall ROI for your current and future marketing budgets.

QueryClick’s unique approach to data science and its machine-learning algorithms for forecasted attribution accurately looks ahead, enabling near-real-time adjustment of cross-channel marketing investment to deliver maximum overall ROI.

Its ‘Random Forest’ and Markov Chain machine-learning mechanisms simulate billions of future outcomes based on your historic marketing data and resolves your media mix blend to a perfect balance of growth and ROI instantly, allowing you to maximise your strategic use of budget ahead of – for example – key seasonal dates.

Our ability to capture millions of rows of online and offline data daily and process even the largest data firehose is enabled through a scalable cloud architecture deployment and a sophisticated, customisable data-cleansing solution. It is also GDPR compliant, to work with your internal processes.

Locking down individual channel efficiency in this way identifies growth opportunities, maximising performance at the highest overall ROI possible and providing clear, robust strategy targets.

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Examples of Attribution Forcasting

QC delivered a 162% uplift in organic search traffic within two months, resolving a multinational ranking challenge across nine countries.

QC detected and removed £4.5m of paid-spend cannibalisation through insight into where/when organic positions delivered a CTR 50% higher than expected for specific searches.

QC reduced CPA by 85.8% – from £16 to £2.27 – by assessing and addressing channel under-utilisation.

QC delivered a conversion rate uplift of 13% and a PPC revenue increase of 16% for mobile traffic by improving keyphrase matching to ad creative.

QC delivered a 30% decrease in cost per booking and drove up paid revenue by 19% for no additional budget, by reviewing location targeting across paid and organic channels.