The best people

As the Apple marketing veteran Guy Kawasaki put it: “A players hire A+ players; B players hire C players”. In other words, great people hire even better people, while mediocre people hire even more mediocre candidates, so they can feel superior to them. At QueryClick, fear of the mediocre determines our hiring philosophy: we aim for improvement with every hire.

We also invest heavily in the continuous professional development of our team. Our work is data- and algorithm-powered, but it takes the very best people to ensure that translates into maximum benefit for our customers.

We reject the old agency trope of listing all the shiny things that are currently in vogue and then complaining that the client didn’t implement them when performance doesn’t follow. We put boots on the ground – our people in your offices – to ensure an absolute focus on the delivery of performance; we are practical.

It works: we delivered £65m incremental revenue for EE through ‘boots on ground persistence’ over two years, not by talking about https as an algorithm component.

Boots on the ground

Service that revolves around you

We never forget that your investments in digital marketing are never small. So we put our money where our mouth is, with:

  • value share contracts
  • strategies that are always framed in terms of the business case for you, forcing those yielding the biggest impact for you to the top of the priority list
  • activities that are always signed-off pre-execution

Not every customer wants to invest in every digital marketing channel. But, when you do invest in multiple services as part of an integrated campaign, our ability to cross-fertilise by blending data and insights across multiple tools and services produces incremental precision that helps tip ‘performance’ over into ‘high performance’.

Cross-over benefits

Superior proprietary technology

Even the best people need the best technology to give them a competitive edge.

Our continuous and long-term development in R&D ensures our customers always benefit from pioneering data science and machine-learning algorithms, delivering both unique and uniquely accurate insights, recommendations and functionality.