Christopher Liversidge

After 10 years at the helm, Chris continues to lead and support QueryClick’s management team, while ensuring he and the entire company maintains a full understanding of the challenges faced by advertisers and clients in the next ten years.

Simultaneously he drives continuous technological innovations that enable QueryClick to remain at the cutting edge of digital marketing, in particular devoting himself to harnessing the power of machine learning to deliver truly powerful insight and find millions of pounds of opportunity for clients.

He has spent more than 13 years in digital marketing, beginning with a small but rapidly growing independent digital marketing business in Edinburgh which, within three years, was acquired by what became Publicis. Having learned on the front-line what success looks like, both for agencies and for clients, and about the challenges of hyper growth, he founded QueryClick and began the process of building a new type of agency focused on performing for its clients.


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Graham Cross

Financial Controller