Corvidae: Marketing Attribution Case Study

Learn how Corvidae delivered over 50:1 ROI for retargeting channels, and removed 37% of omnichannel media spend.

Onboarding methodology & challenges

Corvidae onboarding is a custom process for each client, which typically takes 4 weeks. Our client success team supports rounding up all relevant data sources and co-ordinating between the client, their agencies, and the deployment data science team.

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Key Results

QueryClick are an award winning full-service digital marketing consultancy, with over £1bn of client revenues under management. 

Our client success teams support the onboarding of Corvidae to your in-house teams and promote data use adoption by your incumbent agencies.


Corvidae Unified Analytics uniquely blends multichannel & media mix attribution techniques with machine learning models to deliver more efficient omnichannel media spend utilisation and low CPA incremental customer acquisition strategies.

In a recent deployment for a client in the finance sector in the UK, Corvidae was deployed to optimise £11.8m of media spend, achieving the following results.

51:1 ROI 

for all types of retargeting (Programmatic & Paid Search)

Removed 39%

of TV spend to deliver same revenue impact. 

Removed 68% 

of Radio spend to deliver same revenue impact. 

Removed 16%

of Paid Search spend to deliver same revenue impact.

4.8:1 ROAS 

for Paid Social prospecting (inc. Facebook).


more revenue from Email using attributed data & retargeting  


Media Spend Reduction, delivering +£976k revenue impact.

40:1 ROI

for Corvidae deployment across all channels.

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The Challenge

In this case the client's onboarding stretched to three months to allow data sharing access sign-off by the agency parent group. Fundamentally, this delay was caused by the client not owning the adtech stack licences - and therefore associated marketing and customer data. 

Despite this challenge QueryClick's onboarding team:

  • achieved sign off 
  • kick started the client's now mature digital transformation project to in-house its ownership of all adtech.
  • continue to operate ad-hoc support to further empower the client's development of in-house skill and capability to own and execute all customer acquisition strategy.

A/B Testing & Evaluation

Corvidae's data platform is self-evaluating, whereby the accuracy of its models is validated by their effectiveness compared to their predicted impact.

This means that for all client onboarding, the first milestone is successfully running A/B validation of customer conversion performance in retargeting channels; Search, Social and Programmatic.

The Evaluation Results

We ran programmatic retargeting in Programmatic and Paid search and delivered 51:1 ROI. Compared to existing campaigns, ours gave a reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 50%, and an increase in conversions of 400%.

KEY RESULT: Our annualised performance showed that in Programmatic alone, by simply continuing to run our test retargeting model, we would achieve £255k of incremental revenue at a cost of just £4,941.


Programmatic also offers significant opportunity to grow new customer acquisition at a lower cost than all other marketing channels - part of the reason why it is predicted to receive increased media spends globally to $210bn by 2021 - a 14.9% growth in the UK, 16.9% in the US and 23% in ROW.

ATL Channel Optimisation

TV & Radio performance optimisation is radically improved with Corvidae data. The unique blended multichannel and media mix modelling used by Corvidae allows insight into the impact on conversion of ATL activity over the full two year lookback window.

Additional insight into types of programme ads are placed next to also enriched the targeting strategy. For example, in this case we found that adverts for financial services, conversions dipped dramatically against the mean when placed near highly popular programmes - ironically those slots that would also be the most expensive to purchase.

KEY RESULT: For this particular client, the value of targeting the long tail of TV programmes would provide much greater value for money than headline shows.


For our client we saw radically different performance for ads shown based on time of day, day of week, and station placement.


Corvidae also identifies where little to no conversion impact or brand awareness is gained over the two year period. For our client's radio activity, there was no conversion improvement signal at all, and no brand volume impact found despite saturated coverage in high population locations in the UK.

Search Channel Optimisation

Thanks to highly granular data availability and real-time data processing, Corvidae's API can be used to enhance bid optimisation strategies in Paid search, removing cannibalisation, and allowing generic search growth at low CPAs.

Optimisation is achieved by deploying dynamic big optimisation rules directly in Google and Microsoft Ads - no additional bid optimisation software is required, and campaigns can be segmented out from  software such as Marin, or DV360 to allow direct optimisation by Corvidae.

Corvidae also offers advanced SERP optimisation using expected CTR data from 2.1bn serps and interactions to show how CTRs are affected by Paid and Organic channel ads and how to balance ads for best CTR improvement. 

In combination with our activation activity, Corvidae's attribution and targeting models removed 37% of £11.8m omnichannel media spend and grew new customer revenue by +£976k over a 12 month period

Summary Performance

Contact our team about a free value assessment using your data to help you uncover how much revenue could be available to you in your marketing channels.

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KEY RESULT: Corvidae identified 39% of media spend that could be removed to no effect on current customer conversion activity. In short: wasted spend that had no impact on sales.

Our client success team then worked with the media agency to get new media buying directives implemented, taking advantage of the optimisation opportunity.

Here we see the different conversion response to the same ad shown on different TV channels, corrected for other variables by the ML model.

Here we can see no impact signals for radio spend analysed by Corvidae.

KEY RESULT: Of £2.2m of radio advertising spend, no customer conversion impact measured over two year window.

Our client success team supported a strategy to quadruple saturation in key target cities to confirm the signal, then reallocate all spend to more productive customer acquisition channels.