We celebrated Christmas 2016 at Toys R Us with a campaign led by two core ideas: giving back to others, and keeping the magic of Christmas alive. While our key target audience is parents aged 25-35, we also wanted to aim the campaign at their children who were encouraged to get involved in this multi-stage strategy.

Using a data-driven approach, we combined search and social insights from our in-house tool, SwiftLink, to identify content, tools and features with a high tendency to gain links and shares. Through this, we deduced that countdown competitions attract high levels of social engagement as well as potential backlinks. We also discovered that sites that showcase amusing or sentimental user-generated content gained links while the resulting videos or photo galleries drove high social engagement.

These insights allowed us to develop a campaign focused on a mix of user-generated content and fun competitions.

All elements of the campaign generated a significant amount of positive conversations and interactions with Toys R Us, helping to further establish the brand as a worldwide authority on kids, families and fun.

The campaign drove:

  • A YoY increase in social engagements of +192% vs Christmas 2015
  • A more engaged audience resulted in a +332% YoY lift in social conversions and a +210% YoY lift in social revenue
  • 1.4 million social users were reached by these messages across Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • 17k social shares – +2700% on SMART objective

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