Unified Marketing Attribution.

Remove all ineffective marketing spend and convert new customers for the lowest possible price with Corvidae.

2020 QueryClick Ltd.

Save up to 87.5%* of your spend by converting customers to your brand earlier in their customer journey via cheaper channels.

Our Clients

QueryClick are specialists in enterprise performance marketing, with over 10 years' experience driving returns for our enterprise customers across 32 markets globally.

Find out where your marketing spend is wasted

Identify the true value of your marketing channels

QueryClick found £48m of digital revenues were incorrectly attributed for one of Wiggle's £100m turnover B2C brands, with £16.1m more revenue attributable via paid channels than their Marin & Google media mix model suggested.

Cut CPAs in half and capture 4x conversions by replacing your DSP targeting models with Corvidae's full-spectrum view.

Set cohort CPA limits and automate their acquisition within multichannel CPA boundaries.

Discover the best next step for every customer in your CRM and capture them via multichannel automation triggers for 50:1 ROI and a ruthlessly optimised loyalty expansion strategy.

Correctly value 'Brand' and 'Generic' activity and unlock tactical growth strategies that release 100% more incremental revenue by redeploying 5% of your search media spend.

Optimise your linear media buy strategy, remove ads that don't convert to revenue, and discover TV's 'Long Tail' with data science insights that cross boundaries from online to off.

Corvidae's attribution and targeting models removed 37% of £11.8m omnichannel media spend and grew new customer revenue by +£976k over a 12 month period for a client in the finance sector.